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Streetscape showing the Lyric & Apollo Theatres, London


Colour-tinted postcard showing the façades of the Lyric and Apollo Theatres on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. The Lyric is in the foreground on the left hand side. It is a four-storey building in brick and stone with weakly accented bays, and a balcony with two arched doorways at the top. ‘LYRIC THEATRE’ appears on the face of an iron canopy over the main entrance that is mostly masked by a horse and carriage. The stone façade of the Apollo is in three main storeys with a tall attic above the cornice. There are short flat-domed towers with striking figure sculpture (pairs of winged female figures with flowing drapery) by T Simpson at each front corner. An iron and glass canopy covers the main entrance and advertising signage.

Image title
Streetscape showing the Lyric & Apollo Theatres, London
Depicted theatre
Depiction dateEarliest 1901
E. F. A.