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Façade of The Royal Aquarium, London


Black and white postcard showing the façade and sidewall of The Royal Aquarium in Westminster, London. It is a symmetrical, two-storey façade with arched entrances at each bottom corner. Two open towers sit on each top corner flanking a large, semi-circular, iron feature bearing the words ROYAL AQUARIUM behind the royal insignia ER in lights. Two signs stretching across the façade in between each storey read AT NO PLACE IN THE WORLD CAN SO MANY SIGHTS BE SEEN and ROYAL AQUARIUM ENGLAND’S HOME OF MIRTH AND RECREATION ST. STEPHENS HALL. More advertising signage can be seen at street-level, both on the façade and along the sidewall, which stretches into the distance on the left hand side. (The Royal Aquarium was part of a larger entertainment complex incorporating a Music Hall and the Imperial Theatre.)

Image title
Façade of The Royal Aquarium, London
Depicted theatre
Depiction dateApproximately 1903
Hartmann TM