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Façade of the Grand Opera House, Belfast, 1999


Colour photograph showing the façade of the Grand Opera House in Belfast. Built on a corner in brick and cast stone, the façade is a free mixture of Baroque, Flemish and Oriental styles presented in stages and linked by strap work scrolls to the triangular-pedimented central gable which is flanked by domed minarets. A projecting glass extension to the first floor serves also as a canopy over the main entrance. The words CIRQUE AND appear on the face of the crowning pediment and GRAND OPERA HOUSE appears underneath. A plaque on each side of the extension read MUSIC on the left and DRAMA on the right. Posters at street-level and a banner across the face of the canopy advertise a pantomime (‘Peter Pan - Grand Opera House Bumper Millennium Panto!’) starring Ray Meagher.

Image title
Façade of the Grand Opera House, Belfast, 1999
Depicted theatre
Grand Opera House
Depiction date
Mr Ian Grundy