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Exterior of the Grand Opera House, Belfast, 1999


Colour photograph showing the façade, corner bay and sidewall of the Grand Opera House in Belfast. The photograph is centred on the corner bay to the left of the façade, the sidewall dominating the left hand side of the picture. Built on a corner in brick and cast stone, the building is a free mixture of Baroque, Flemish and Oriental styles presented in stages on the façade and linked by strap work scrolls to the triangular-pedimented central gable which is flanked by domed minarets. A projecting glass extension to the first floor serves also as a canopy over the main entrance. The words CIRQUE AND appear on the face of the frontal crowning pediment and GRAND OPERA HOUSE appears underneath, as well as on banners hanging down either side of the minarets and high up on the sidewall. Plaques on the corner bay read ARTS and MUSIC. The far right hand corner also has a plaque in shot reading DRAMA. A sign on the corner at street-level advertises ‘The Roy Orbison Story’, and a banner across the face of the canopy gives details about ‘TAP DOGS’ ("The hottest show on legs").

Image title
Exterior of the Grand Opera House, Belfast, 1999
Depicted theatre
Grand Opera House
Depiction dateOctober 1999
Mr Ian Grundy