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Exterior of the Miners’ Institute, Blackwood, 1996


Colour photograph showing the façade and sidewall of the Miners’ Institute in Blackwood. Taken from across the high street, it shows the three-bay façade dominating the right hand side with the sidewall to the left. The building is in three storeys and houses a theatre, cinema, bar and restaurant. The outer bays on the façade are slightly advanced with the centre bay containing the main entrance, also advanced from the main part of the building, at its base. Tablature high up on the sidewall reads ‘Blackwood Miners Institute – Theatre Cinema, Bar, Restaurant’, with the ‘D’ from Blackwood and the ‘A’ from cinema both missing. A billboard in the foreground masks the sidewall at ground floor level.

Image title
Exterior of the Miners’ Institute, Blackwood, 1996
Depicted theatre
Blackwood Miners' Institute
Depiction date
Mr Terence Rees