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Façade of the Playhouse Theatre, Bournemouth, 1981


Colour photograph showing the Portland stone façade of the Playhouse Theatre and Galaxy Cinema, formerly The Palace Court Theatre, in Bournemouth. The building is in three bays with the central bay wider and advanced. It has three windows at first floor level above a canopy bearing both the name of the theatre and the cinema, which replaced the original Green room in 1970. The canopy also provides details of current features (‘Le Bal’ and ‘Cal’ at the cinema, and ‘Every Inch a Lady’ starring Beatrice Reading at the theatre), and posters underneath the canopy advertise ‘The Minstrel Stars’. THE PALACE COURT THEATRE remains in tablature at the top of the façade. (The ‘T’ from ‘The’ is missing.)

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Façade of the Playhouse Theatre, Bournemouth, 1981
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