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Boxes to stage left at the Aldwych Theatre


Black and white photograph showing the boxes to stage left at the Aldwych Theatre. The photograph is taken from the dress circle, and from a position to stage right, so as to focus on the auditorium wall to stage left. Visible architectural elements include: the orchestra pit, which is divided from the stalls by an orchestra rail and curtain; the dress circle; the upper circle; the small box behind the dress circle slips to stage left; and the main boxes to stage left, which are flanked by fluted Ionic piers rising to a semicircular arch. The box furnishings, including the interior wallpaper, the drapery in the highest of the main boxes, and the stair-rail leading down into the box below, can also be seen clearly.

Image title
Boxes to stage left at the Aldwych Theatre
Depicted theatre
Depiction date1949
National Buildings Record