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Façade of the Alhambra Theatre


Black and white photograph showing the façade of the Alhambra Theatre within a streetscape. The photograph is taken from the square opposite the theatre, and from a position right of the entrance, so that the building is seen from an oblique angle. The façade is Mooresque in character. Ground level advertising signage is visible beneath the canopy, which runs the length of the building and is decorated with an encircled floral motif; above, the three-bay frontage features balconies and tall pointed window arches; mounted on the canopy are three minaret-shaped electric signs, the largest of which carries the theatre name. The entertainer advertised is Gracie Fields.

Image title
Façade of the Alhambra Theatre
Depicted theatre
Alhambra Theatre
Depiction dateEstimated 1934
Bedford Lemere and Co Ltd