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Boxes stage right, at the Shaftesbury Theatre


Black and white photograph showing the auditorium of the Shaftesbury Theatre. The photograph is taken from the edge of the dress circle to stage left so as to focus on the boxes opposite. Visible architectural elements include: orchestra pit; stalls; dress circle; flat circular centre of the ceiling, which is painted with classical figures; proscenium arch; house tabs; and the stage. The paired boxes have bowed fronts and are framed by fluted Ionic columns which rise to an entablature surmounted by a large semicircular arch covering both boxes; within the arch, a seated figure flanked by amorini with musical instruments is set on a plinth over each box.

Image title
Boxes stage right, at the Shaftesbury Theatre
Depicted theatre
New Prince's
Depiction date-
Bedford Lemere and Co Ltd