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St Donats Arts Centre


The fourteenth century tythe barn adjacent to the castle has been converted to an arts centre with a large modern addition. The addition is rather aggressively detailed but the views from the restaurant (the Glass Room) are spectacular.

Large flat-floored auditorium with a small end balcony, it has no fixed seating and seats are arranged to suit performance style. The stage has no proper grid. It is 25ft from wall to wall, there being no wing space. The depth may be varied between 8 and 20ft. There is a black serge backdrop with 4 black legs each side which can be made into a black box if required.

The centre also has an exhibition space, and the Bradenstoke Hall - a flat-floored space 24.4m x 7.9m with stage of 4.57m x 7.9m, which seats 330.

Built / Converted
Dates of use
Current state
Current use
Theatre (Theatre, cinema, dance, music)
St Donats Castle, Llantwit Major, Glamorgan, CF61 1WF, Wales
Further details
Other names
Tythe Barn Theatre
  • Owner/Management: Atlantic College
  • 1300 - 1399 Design/Construction: C14 as tythe barn (architect unknown).
  • 1970 - 1979 Design/Construction: converted to arts centre (architect unknown).
  • 1995 Alteration: arts centre extended; balcony reconstructed and extended; new exhibition area and café bar.
    Chris Loyn
    - Architect
  • Capacity
    1995: 170
  • Capacity
  • Listing
    Not listed
Stage type
No rake, end-on
Building dimensions: -
Stage dimensions: Performance area 7.6m x 6.1m Width: 25ft
Proscenium width: No proscenium
Height to grid: No grid
Inside proscenium: -
Orchestra pit: None