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Queen's Hall


Opened in 1914 with stage productions alternating with films. The building is of local brick from the owner’s works (he was also the contractor), with Bath stone dressings. Three bays; the central bay with entrance has a large arched window at first floor level. Fascia is elegantly decorated at attic level with part-balustraded parapet topped with four urns and ornamental gable carrying a motif with QUEEN’S HALL. An iron and glass canopy covered the entrance until 1996, when it was destroyed by storms (the hall also suffered flood damage).

Seen today as an indoor market, it is a plain hall without foyer, with only glimpses of original features through a mesh suspended ceiling. Above this, at balcony level, the original character of the room can be clearly seen. Teak doors originally led to a marble vestibule with pay-box and cloak room and stairs to the balcony. Both stalls and balcony were well raked; there were two private boxes (since removed), one at either side of the proscenium. The auditorium still has its barrel-vaulted ceiling and elliptical proscenium arch with ornamental cartouche. There is an ornamental frieze band with brackets carrying the ceiling ribs. The stage with dressing rooms, storage space, backstage crossover is thought to be intact.

Restoration, even for present use, would be desirable. Returning the building to theatre use would be even more so.

Built / Converted
Dates of use
Current state
Current use
Converted to other use (Amusement arcade)
Strand, Minehead, Somerset, England
Further details
Other names
  • Alteration: n.d. converted to indoor market
    - Architect
  • Owner/Management: Queen’s Hall (Minehead) Ltd, owners; J Marley, managing director
  • Owner/Management: Later: Minehead Entertainments Ltd, lessees?
  • 1914 Design/Construction:
    W J Tamlyn (Minehead)
    - Architect
  • 1914 Design/Construction:
  • 2000 Alteration: restored, canopy reinstated, repainted for use as amusement arcade
    - Architect
  • Capacity
  • Capacity
    1946: 726
  • Listing
    Not listed
Stage type
Building dimensions: Auditorium 100ft x 46ft
Frontage 46ft
Stage dimensions: Depth: 16ft
Proscenium width: 28ft
Height to grid: 30ft
Inside proscenium: -
Orchestra pit: -