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Beck Theatre


Opened in 1977 as a concert hall, and soon afterwards underwent improvements to enhance facilities to operate primarily as a theatre, with later addition of a projection box for cinema use. Set in spacious green surroundings, lightly landscaped, outlook from public areas includes large pond with fountains. Large brick building with roomy facilities, but no fly tower.

The foyer is on two levels, finished in brick and concrete, and can be used as for live music or other performance. The auditorium is in a single steep rake with a proscenium arch stage, partly covered by a grid with 11 lines. The forestage has an hydraulic lift with the option of an orchestra pit for up to 20 musicians.

The whole atmosphere of the building achieves a sense of vibrancy and appeal. Policy is concerts and touring theatre with film presentations between.

Built / Converted
Dates of use
  • 1977 : Theatre, continuing
Current state
Current use
Grange Road, Hayes, London, Hillingdon, UB3 2UE, England
Further details
Other names
  • 1977 Design/Construction:
    J P Barber & V C James
    - Architect
  • 1977 Use: Theatre, continuing
  • 1977 Owner/Management: London Borough of Hillingdon, owner, continuing
  • 1992 Owner/Management: Apollo Leisure, lessee
  • 2006 Owner/Management: HQ Theatres, management
  • Capacity
    600 (564 with pit)
  • Listing
    Not listed
Stage type
Flat with variable pros
Building dimensions: -
Stage dimensions: -
Proscenium width: -
Height to grid: 8.1m
Inside proscenium: -
Orchestra pit: Flexible